Colorado Handgun Safety Classes

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We offer many courses on Handgun Safety for Colorado residents.  Firstly, we offer the NRA Basic Pistol Course.  This course can be taken for many reasons.  This course is accepted for use to apply for the CHP or Concealed Handgun Permit for the state of Colorado.  Basically, you take the course then when you have passed the qualifications you take the certificated awarded to you to your county Sheriff Department and apply for the permit.

Secondly the NRA Basic Pistol Course can be used by first time shooters to become acquainted with the handgun and marksmanship.  The class includes safe gun handling training, handgun cleaning and maintenance, as well as a trip to the range where the student will learn to safely fire the handgun and work on accuracy.  Our classes are always 8 students or less for quality instruction! The NRA Basic Pistol Course is also a great way to experience a “refresher” course for those having not shot their handgun in many years.

Another Course we offer as far as handgun safety is call First Steps.  This is a NRA sponsored course for those with zero experience with firearms.  This course is excellent for all ages and offers a great way to learn about firearms in a structured classroom environment.  This course cannot be used to apply for a concealed carry permit, but is a great step in that direction!

As far as intermediate handgun safety courses go we offer two outstanding handgun classes.  We offer the NRA course Personal Protection in the Home or PPIH.  This course focuses on what is known as Home Defense.  Simply put this course is an introductory course to learning the mindset and tactics behind defending yourself or another person in the home.  This course is a two day course, and is best suited for those students with a background in shooting such as having already completed the NRA Basic Pistol Course (prerequisite course).  This class also offers the student the opportunity to ask legal questions involving Colorado Law.

For the Concealed Carry Permit holder we offer the class titled plainly “Intermediate CCW Course”.  This class is for the CHP holder that wants to aquire or train the skills required of a person who seeks the ability to defend themselves with a handgun.  This includes; drawing from concealment holster, combat accuracy (sights and trigger work),  malfunction clears and the combat reload.  This course is only offered to Permit Holders, and is not sponsored by the NRA.

For Advanced courses we offer the “Advanced Handgun Course”.  This is a 2-3 day course focused on learning the advanced defensive handgun skills training.  This is for permit holders only who can demonstrate skills equivalent to students who have attended and passed the intermediate course.  The advanced course is not for everyone; this course is a tactical handgun course!  Please follow the link to read more about our Advanced Handgun Course:  The Advanced Handgun Course is not sponsored by the NRA.

To talk to an instructor or reserve a seat in one of our courses please call 720-663-7674 M-F 10am-6:30pm.  You may also email:

We serve Boulder, Louisville, Lafayette, Erie, Thornton, Brighton, Wesminster, Arvada, Superior, and the surrounding Denver, Colorado cities.

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